Week 3.5: Combat System v2, Improving Visuals

New Combat System

Combat Minion

Combat Minions are characters that fight on the battle field. Two teams of minions will fight against each other. The one who defeats the opponent's entire team will be victorious.

Basic Attacks

Minions can perform basic attacks at a certain interval according to the attack speed. Attacking can gain mana, which when filled, special skills can be used.

Special Skills

Specials Skills are powerful attacks that minions can perform when they have full mana. Skills might include inflicting status effects, or dealing massive damage etc. After using the skill, the mana gauge is cleared.

Status Effect

Minions can now receive status effects, including stat buffs, DOT effects and much more.

Knight inflicted with bleed effect

Equipment System

Equipments are items that can be equipped to the minion to increase their power. Now, equipment are mostly functional, where it can provide there stat modifiers and passive abilities to minions. For example, now the system works as expected if the Knight equips a +5 attack sword.

Visual Improvements

World Design

Since the game is a fantasy party game, I wanted to find a asset pack that contains fantasy buildings, environments and characters that are not too serious because there are some fantasy characters that are super realistic and scary. I want to strike a more casual feel. Luckily, I found that I bought the Synty Studio's Mini Fantasy Pack during a Humble Bundle sale and it totally fits my requirements perfectly.

The main board map is in a miniture version compared to the character, which indicates that the characteris travelling through long distances. In contrast, when in battles, the characters are much smaller when compared to the environment, which indicates they are in a tight space.

Bird's eye view of main board

Battle Scene

User Interface

As said, the game should carry a casual feeling, the UI should also reflect that. I found a UI pack that fits my needs, and that is the GUI Pro Simple Casual pack. The UI is very clean and minimalistic. Here are some UI designs that I have created:

Simple Main Menu: Show what player can do

Team Menu: shows all minions in player's team

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