Week 2.5: Combat System

Combat System

Have you played auto battlers like League of Legends - Team Fight Tactics, or Dota 2 - Auto Chess before? In this game, the combat system is inspired by such auto battler games. 

Players can recruit "Minions" as team members. Each minion has one of the combat class: Tank, Close Ranger, Mage, Archer, and Healer. Each combat class stands in different position of the battle field. Tank stands at the 1st row, close ranger at 2nd, then archer, mage, and finally healer. The position of minions is automatically placed  by the system, players currently cannot place minions wherever they want. 

Each minion has a unique skill, which can be used when the mana gauge is full. Minions can obtain mana by attacking. Minions have different stats like attack power, attack speed. Once all minions in a team die, the opposing team will be victorious.

Currently, the "Equipment System" is also in development. Equipment are buffs that can be equipped by a minion. Equipments can provide buffs like increasing a minion's attack power, attack speed, or help players in board gameplay by increasing odds of a certain type of dice. Each minion can equip up to three equipments.

With different combinations of minions and equipments, the combat system is hoped to be diverse enough...

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