Important: Refresh webpage if collisions are not working.

Apostle of Oizys is a Top-Down action roguelike where you beat down hordes of demons that are trying to invade the soul of your people! 
Choose from a range of upgrades in this roguelike game to produce a different and powerful build with each run.

Controls: WASD to move. SPACE to attack.


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Fun game, but the limited upgrade pool means you get every upgrade by the end of the game (and the deck system means the upgrades you get first must always be the default branch ones or you will lose).


Pretty short, but fairly fun. Once you get the 33% chance not to consume ammo + the chance to duplicate items, the game gets pretty boring. Could really use some more options for weapons. Also found a bug, where immediately after winning, all enemies are invincible and you can't damage them on the next run.

Thanks so much for playing! Currently the game does have a major bug where if you restart the level, collisions will stop working, restarting the webpage should fix it.


Hey, fun game, but it is super hard! :P 
Is there a reason why the ground has a keyboard texture? I couldn't figure it out.
With some tutorial and some adjustments this could be quite popular, well done!


Thanks a lot for playing :D
The keyboard textures were a inspiration for the game but didn't have any use, it confused a lot of people and it will be removed soon.

Fantastic! Please let me know when the new update is launched!